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Terms & Policies

Google Pay Terms and Conditions issued by FCG Financial Services Pty Ltd ABN 38 635 012 396 (BAXE).

The BAXE Card is issued by Hay Limited ABN 34 629 037 403 (Hay)
Australian financial services licence no. 515459
Hay® is a registered trademark.

Issue Date: 24 April 2023


1. Who Provides Google Pay? 

Google Pay is a service provided by Google. You may also need to agree to Google’s Terms and Conditions in order to use Google Pay in addition to agreeing to these Terms of Use. 

BAXE (“we” or “us”) is not responsible for the use, functionality or availability of Google Pay, any eligible Android Device, or the availability of contactless readers at merchants.


2. Device Security 

Any person with your device passcode or a fingerprint registered to your device may be able to authorise transactions using your Card in Google Pay. 

Do not let anyone else have their biometric information registered to your device while your Card is registered in Google Pay. You must keep your device safe and secure at all times, and your device passcode secret. 

If you breach any of the above, we will assume that you have authorised the other person to use your BAXE Card and you will be liable for all transactions made by that person. 

If you believe that your Android Device has been lost, stolen or compromised in any way we can suspend or remove your Card from Google Pay to prevent any unauthorised use.


3. How to add or remove a BAXE Card in Google Pay 

You can register your BAXE Card with Google Pay by opening the Settings section of the BAXE mobile app and following the prompts or via the Google Pay app on your device.

You can remove your BAXE Card via the Google pay App. 


4. How to use your card via Google Pay 

Once you have registered your BAXE Card to your Android Device, you can start making payments at contactless terminals anywhere that Visa debit cards are accepted, in an App or online using your Android Device where Google Pay is supported.

You may be required to enter your Android Passcode and/or BAXE Card PIN at a contactless terminal when making a purchase using Google Pay. 


5. Applicable Fees 

We do not impose any additional fees and charges for registering and using your BAXE Card with Google Pay. However, third parties may charge fees associated with downloading, registering and using Google Pay on an Android device. 


6. How do we use your information?

We will use your information in accordance with the BAXE Privacy Policy

As soon as you register your Card to your Android Device, Google may access and process your information, including information about your transactions. Google’s use of your personal information is solely governed by Google’s privacy policy.

Google may share information with us for fraud and identification purposes.


7. When might BAXE suspend or block a BAXE Card on Google Pay?

BAXE may block, suspend or terminate your BAXE Card registered with Google Pay if: 

  • we suspect fraud or an unauthorised transaction has occurred; 
  • your BAXE Card or BAXE Account is cancelled, blocked or suspended;
  • we are required to by applicable laws; 
  • we are directed to do so by Google; 
  • if BAXE’s arrangements with Google cease or are suspended; and 
  • for any other reasonable reason. 


8. Changes to these Terms

We can change these Terms at any time by uploading the new Terms to our website and letting you know about the changes via the BAXE mobile app. If you keep using your BAXE Card or BAXE Account after the change becomes effective, this shows that you agree to the changes.