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Our how-to tutorials cover everything you need to know to streamline your experience. From setting up your account to mastering finance features and optimizing chat functionalities, we’ve curated a range of tutorials to help you navigate every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to our FAQ section, where we address common queries to ensure a seamless experience for our users.
We do our best to make the getting started on BAXE as easy and straightforward as possible. You must have so many questions, but rest assured we are here to help. Here are just a few questions to get you up and running

Setting up a BAXE is easy, even a monkey can do it! Given he has the right instructions.
1. To get started, download the app on your iPhone or Android device and launch the app.
2. Once launched, you will have the option to “Register” or “Sign In.”
3. Tap “Register” and you will be presented with the next screen. Here you will enter in your First and Last names as well as your phone number.
4. You will need to verify your phone number; this way we know we got the right person. Enter the code and you will be presented with the BAXE dashboard.
5. Once you have access to the BAXE platform, you can begin setting up your profile by tapping account at the far right of the bottom bar.
6. From there tap profile at the top of the menu and answer the questions so we can

To change the language used in your BAXE app, you will need to change your language settings in your profile. This is done by tapping the account tab on the far right of the launchpad.

In your profile settings, you will see an option for language. Change this to the language you would prefer.

To add funds to your BAXE wallet, you will need to make a deposit to convert your currency into BAXE Stablecoin (BSC).
1. Start by tapping on your Account on the bottom right of the launchpad.
2. From there, tap Wallet which appears in the tool bar above the menu options.
3. This is where you can make deposits and withdraw BSC.
4. To make a deposit, tap the deposit button.
5. You will then be presented with four options to make a deposit or manage your BAXE card.
6. Tap the option that best suits you and enter the amount that wish to deposit
7. You will then be asked to confirm and input your code

There are two ways to add friends to your BAXE account:
When you first sign up, the best way to add contacts is to grab them straight from your phone.
1. To do this simply tap the Account button on your launchpad.
2. From here, you will see the Contacts button in the toolbar above the menu options.
3. Tap the Contacts button and you will be presented with two options to add your contacts.
4. Since you are just getting started, tap the option Phone Contacts this will allow BAXE to access your phone contacts and add any friends that have a BAXE account.

The second way you can add friends to your BAXE account is by QR code
1. Tap your contacts button from the toolbar in your Account section
2. This time, select “Scan QR code”
3. Grant permission to access your camera and this will turn on your camera
4. Here you are given several options. The first is to simply hold the camera up to a friend’s QR code.
5. You can also tap the button the right which will present your QR code if you would like your friend to scan your code
6. The third is to access your gallery if you have saved a friend’s QR code
7. Finally, you can also input your friend’s ID manually by tapping “Manual Input” and using the search feature

To use your BAXE debit card and spend BAXE Stablecoin (BSC) you will first need to apply for a card

1. From your home dashboard, you can access the BAXE debit from the above carousel by tapping BAXE Debit Card Quick Pay
2. This will take you to the BAXE debit card page. Here you can use your card once it is active
3. To apply for a BAXE Debit Card, tap the “Apply” button at the bottom of your screen

There are two ways to send BSC to your friends.

The first is by using the quick pay option. You can find this on the home dashboard. The second way is to open a chat conversation by tapping “Chat” on the launch bar.

1. With your chat open, tap the BSC token on the left-hand side of the message box.
2. This opens the transfer page. Here you can enter the amount you want to send and a memo as a description of the transaction.
3. Tap confirm. This will bring up a confirmation receipt, tap confirm again after checking the details.
4. Input your code and if you have enough credit in your BAXE account, you will receive a successful payment confirmation.
5. Tap done and your payment will be sent to friend. It will be pending until they accept the transfer.

Everything BAXE needs to know about you is kept within your profile. This inevitably brings up a lot of questions. We understand, here are some questions you might ask when it comes to managing your profile.

You can have more than one BAXE account on the same device. Switching between accounts is easy.
1. First you need to log out of your existing account.
2. On the launch screen, tap “More” at the bottom of the screen.
3. This will take you to an option screen. Tap “Switch user”.
4. You will then have the option to log into a new account.

Your account is limited to a certain amount of currency per day to protect against money laundering and fraudulent activity. We know you are honest but it’s important we know who we are doing business with. To upgrade your transfer limit, we need a few identifying documents to keep our lawyers happy. 1. Tap on the “Account” button in your Launchpad.
2. From there tap “Account Level” from the Account menu.
3. This will show your current account limits include how much you can transfer per day, per week and your maximum account balance.
4. To upgrade your account to the next level, tap “Upgrade” at the bottom of your screen.
5. This will take you to your ID menu. Here you will have the option of providing several types of ID to earn points and upgrade your account to the next level.
6. The more ID you can provide, the higher you can take your account and the more currency you can hold and transfer.
7. Don’t worry. All your personal information is kept safe and secure. We do this meet KYC/AML requirements.

Forgetting your PIN is nothing to be ashamed about! It happens to the best of us. We made it super simple for you to reset your PIN if it has escaped your mind.

1. On the launch screen, instead of trying to guess your PIN repeatedly, simply tap “Forgot PIN”.
2. All you need to do from here is enter the email you used to register your BAXE account.
3. You will receive an email from us with a PIN reset. Here you can change your PIN to something more memorable.

Deleting your BAXE account cannot be done through the app at this stage. If you decide to delete your account, you are welcome to email our support team and we can delete your account and erase your data at your request. Our support team email is [email protected]
All you need to do is provide the mobile number and email address you used to sign up with BAXE. We also ask that you provide the reason behind why you want to delete your account to help provide better service and support in the future.

We understand that everyone goes through a change in their life. Whether you are learning a new language, changing your last name, or going through a new phase with your political or religious beliefs, you can change your BAXE profile to reflect the new you.
1. Tap on the “Account” button on your Launchpad.
2. From there, select the “Profile” button from the Account menu
3. This will open a list of all your profile options
4. Change your profile by editing the text boxes
5. Once you are done tap “Confirm”

You can always change your PIN if you need to. Whether it is changing your PIN to something more memorable, or you have new lucky numbers in your life, changing your PIN is a simple process.
1. Start by tapping “Account” on your Launchpad
2. Tap the “Profile” from within the Account menu
3. From there, tap “Account and Security”
4. You will then see an option in this menu to “Change PIN”
5. Enter your current PIN and followed by your new PIN and tap “Done”
6. Write down or memorise your new PIN and use this new number to access your account

Linking your mobile number helps keep your BAXE account safe and secure. Having a mobile number attached to your BAXE account also ensures we are complying with local laws and regulations across the countries and regions where BAXE operates.
If you ever lose access to your BAXE account, you can use your mobile number to regain access since it is one of the ways we can authenticate your identity.

We make it so developers can build and publish their applications for the rest of the community to use. We try to make this as simple as possible, but questions are bound to come up, here are just a few we thought of.

Want to add your app to our app ecosystem? Our third-party partners are on the frontline of taking back the Internet and we want to help them every step of the way. To do this, we offer developer licences to provide the tools and training to get the job done.
You can apply for a developer licence by visiting our Developer Solutions page on our website.

All the core features that we built into BAXE will be available to developers. This means you can make use of our sophisticated biometric and security features to provide privacy and protection to your own apps.

We are still working on our development platform, and this includes putting together documentation. In the meantime, you can apply for a developer license to be at the top of the list for when our documentation is ready. Check out the Developer Solutions page on our website for more info.

We invite both professional and citizen developers to create the future of the BAXE ecosystem. You are welcome to build anything you feel is a good match for the BAXE ethos. You have access to all the tools and core features that we used to launch BAXE. If you have a great idea for an app, publish it to the BAXE ecosystem and help us take back the Internet.

It takes time to get used to BAXE and every now and then you will run into a problem or have a question that needs to be answered. We got your back. Here some questions you might have when using the BAXE app.

BAXE uses advanced encryption to protect the messages of users. No one else can see messages between you and your friends or family. Not even BAXE. We especially do not sell or provide access to your data whether that be messages, voice, or video to any third parties. This is one of our core promises which we will never break.

This feature is coming soon! We will have an answer to this question once we have more info.

Creating your own communities is what BAXE is all about!

1. To create your own communities in BAXE tap the “Community” tab on the launchpad.
2. Tap the plus sign button in the bottom right corner.
3. This will bring up the group creation page. Here you can assign your group a name, category, language, and description as well an avatar to draw people in.
4. Once you have finished setting up your group, tap confirm, and the group will be created. You can find your created groups in the “My Creation” section in the Groups menu.
5. To create your first post, select the group and then tap the plus sign button in the bottom left

Purchasing BMC helps BAXE, and our ecosystem grow. It also gives you certain perks and rewards.
1. Purchasing BMC is easy. On the BAXE home dashboard, scroll down the bottom of the screen to the products carousel.
2. Find the product labelled BMC and tap the plus symbol.
3. This will bring up the BMC price, description, and recent performance in a graph.
4. Tap “Buy” at the bottom of the screen.
5. Enter the amount of BMC you would like to buy, you will see an equivalent price in your local currency. Tap confirm.
6. This will bring up the Deposit Confirmation, tap “Confirm” again.
7. If your confirmation is successful, you will see your receipt and that amount of BMC will appear in your wallet. Tap done when you are finished.

There are several reasons why you may not be able to access your account. The first and most common is incorrect details. This could be an error in your mobile number, email, or password. Check these credentials and try again.

Another reason you might not be able to access your account is if your phone requires a system update. The BAXE app is designed to work on the latest operating system, if you are having issues logging in, you may be using an older operating system. Check if your phone has any recent updates, install, and then restart the BAXE app.