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Developer Vision

At BAXE, we are opening our APIs to external developers. We want to foster innovation, expand functionality, and create a more dynamic and interconnected ecosystem. We are building a strong Developer community.

Diverse Applications

Opening BAXE APIs allows our external developers to create a variety of applications, features, or services that can integrate lives within the BAXE platform. The more Developers join us, the stronger the innovation.

New User Segments

Our third-party developers can create applications that appeal to different user or industries, allowing us to reach a more diverse audience.

Partnership Opportunities

BAXE external developers can become strategic partners, contributing to our growth and success. This collaborative approach will solidify the relationships between BAXE and our third-party developers.

Rapid Development

Speed matters. BAXE developers can now develop fast a new set of features and improvements. Teaming up with an eco-system of Developers will keep us competitive and agile.

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