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Powerful developer tools

Developers have access to powerful tools to design, develop and release projects and services in the BAXE ecosystem

BAXE Connect


Robust community of third party apps and services


Developers can add functionality using BAXE’s digital data


Apps can be published to the BAXE app store


30,000+ community applications & services

Community applications & services

BAXE encourages citizen developers to implement their ideas and expand our ecosystem by building apps that offer new products and services.

Support & Assistance

The BAXE community can supply you with data to help you build your app. Our IT team will also support you, so your app meets the standards of our ecosystem.

Advanced API Features

Seamlessly integrate your app into the BAXE ecosystem with our advanced API features.

Simple Publishing Tools

Easily publish your app into the BAXE ecosystem store by using our simple publishing tools. Share your app across our community and start generating some buzz.

Comprehensive Documentation

We update our developer docs often to ensure you have the latest snippets of code.

Apply for a developer license

Get in touch with the BAXE team to be part of our growing community of citizen developers building the BAXE ecosystem