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What is BAXE?

BAXE enables the world’s first truly open and connected digital economy. By embracing the latest technologies, BAXE aims to redefine the way the world exchanges information, assets and finances. 


BAXE acts as a gateway between traditional financial institutions and the emerging digital economy. To achieve this vision, BAXE has designed a digital ecosystem across communication, finance, business and trade. Our mission is to revolutionise the way transactions are done online. 


The team at BAXE understands the need for equal access across the digital landscape, we want to ensure this ecosystem is accessible for all global citizens. This is accomplished through a more transparent and decentralised web. Our core focus is on facilitating fast, frictionless transactions across borders, without the need for intermediaries.

Why use BAXE?


Save, invest and receive loans in digital currency. Interact with the digital economy using stablecoins, cryptocurrency and other digital assets. Fully KYC and AML compliant to protect against bad actors.


Cloud-based communication platform for text, video and audio with a focus on quality, privacy and security. Encryption ensures that only you and the recipient have the ability to view communications.


The most secure storage system on the planet. Protect your digital assets and personal information using the BAXE vault.


A unique set of features that act as a signature to authenticate the identity of the user. Includes voice, fingerprints and facial features which can be used as a personal password to access a device and log into the BAXE platform.


Third party apps within the ecosystem are easily integrated into BAXE communication, payments, security and storage with the BAXE stablecoin being the preferred method of payment.


Secure, decentralised P2P payments using digital currency. Pay with cryptocurrency and digital stablecoins outside the digital economy using your debit and credit card.


Vendors can exchange data from other eCommerce stores into the BAXE ecosystem. Vendors that are built into the ecosystem will be cheaper and faster to send and receive funds.


Protect your data without sacrificing your privacy. The world’s most advanced security features mean you and only you have the keys to access encrypted storage, communications and digital assets.

Our Team

Christian Moore

Chief Executive Officer


Christian is an entrepreneur, businessman and lawyer who has been engaged in legal practice for over 20 years.

Christian first began his involvement in the blockchain space in 2014 when he commenced public speaking circuits in East Asia on the subject of the evolution of currency systems and the development of blockchain leveraged virtual currency systems. At an early stage, he identified the primary challenges affecting the adoption of virtual currency system as:

a) The absence of regulatory structure;

b) The absence uniformity and interoperability; and

c) The absence of identity protocols

Christian regularly speaks at symposia and industry events in Asia and the Middle East on blockchain applications, developments, implementations and opportunities. Since 2016, Christian has also been championing the cause of the ICVE and leading the development of its conceptual framework, practical implementation and strategic objectives.

Christian has achieved industry recognition in leading circles within the blockchain community in Australia through his leadership in developing the blockchain CRC initiative. He has further significant experience and expertise in dealing with leading institutions, academics and industry partners in the blockchain space and has played a major role in shaping industry led research initiatives. 

Dylan Blankenship

Chief Technical Officer

Dylan Blankenship is a senior technology executive and entrepreneur with 15 years experience leading technology driven innovation across Asia Pacific. Prior to joining BAXE, Dylan was the Chief Product Officer for Red Pulse, the first platform deployed on the Chinese NEO blockchain.
Over his career Dylan has developed an extensive depth of experience supporting fintech, blockchain and enterprise solutions as a founder, technologist and former IBM consultant.
Dylan leads Future Currency Group’s BAXE blockchain platform development as the Chief Technology Officer and is an MBA candidate at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

Andrew Broad

Chief Operating Office

Andrew is a senior business and technology leader, VC advise, founder, strategists and innovator. He was formally the CTO for Prime Property, Chief Product Officer for Juwai.com and has worked for Macquarie, Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase & Co and BMO Capital Markets.

Andrew holds an MBA from MGSM and has completed executive programs at Said Business School, Harvard Business School and Columbia Business School.

James Maher

Chief Financial Officer


James Maher is a highly experienced finance professional. After many years in Financial Planning and Analysis with leading American banks and brokers, he became a publishing sell side equity analyst, then a hedge fund analyst and was named one of the Wall Street Journal's "Best on the Street" in 2009 in Specialty Retail and Services.

He is also experienced with FinTech startups including OffRoad Capital, an online private equity platform, LOYAL3 Securities, an IPO crowdfunding technology platform and Red Pulse, a tokenised Research Ecosystem. 

James serves as CFO of FCG, has an MBA from Berkeley Haas and is a CFA Charter-holder.

Ben Lightfoot

Chief Marketing Officer

Ben Lightfoot offers a wealth of knowledge and experience across an eclectic 20 year career in advertising and communications. With extensive executive and agency experience, Ben’s career spans major cities across the globe. Ben has been positioned at the helm of a wide variety of organisations, from small startups and boutique independent agencies to large multinationals throughout New Zealand, Australia, New York, London, Paris, Singapore & Indonesia.

Enacting powerful transformations within these executive roles, Ben’s senior management experience has included the roles of CEO of McCann Worldgroup Singapore and Group CEO of Publicis Advertising and Saatchi & Saatchi Indonesia. Most notably, he was the Asia Pacific Head of Advertiser Marketing at Facebook where he spearheaded the digital transformation of global brands and was involved in the cutting edge of business and marketing, witnessing the impact of data driven innovation. Recent experience includes his role as Managing Director of Ogilvy Brisbane and CEO of Media Network, YomConnect.

Ben’s experience extends beyond his work within agencies. As a global thought leader and passionate creative strategist, Ben has lent his skillset to several boards across the serving as the Singapore Chairman of Effie Worldwide, an executive council member of the Institute of Advertising Singapore and board advisor for the not-for-profit organisation, Keep New Zealand Beautiful. He currently sits on the Lord Mayor's Creative Brisbane Advisory Board within the Brisbane City Council.

Encompassing a diverse range of senior roles across a variety of disciplines such as brand, retail, direct and digital, Ben has been internationally awarded for excellence in both strategy and creativity. Ben’s approach to leadership is a unique blend of academic theory and practical, hands-on experience. In addition to his numerous years of experience within advertising and communication Ben also holds a Bachelor of Design from the Unitech Institute of Technology and Bachelor’s in Advertising Creativity from the Auckland University of Technology.

Our Partners

We have partnered with some of the most innovative and respected companies in the tech industry to develop the cutting-edge technology behind BAXE.

Future Currency Group

The Future Currency Group is developing world-class technical infrastructure and applications that will transform the global economy.

BAXE is proud to be involved with several initiatives that seek to develop the emerging digital economy.

Cooperative Research Center

We support the creation of the CRC for the Australian Blockchain Superhighway. The CRC is a publicly and privately funded research project that will develop roadmaps to move our society into the new digital age.

International Council for the Virtual Economy

BAXE is championing the formation of an international body, known as the International Council for the Virtual Economy, to regulate and develop policies that will help grow the emerging digital economy.

ConsenSys is a software engineering leader of the blockchain space - delivering BAXE’s banking layer through blockchain systems

Accubits has been recognized as a global leader in custom software development, AI and blockchain development - our app and web platform developer.

The Australian Institute of Digital Transformation (AIDT) is a not-for-profit foundation comprising of a consortium of research institutions and industries.

Dedicated to streamlining the digital transformation of the Australian economy, the vision driving the AIDT forward is to bring the economy into a new era through the digitisation of assets. The AIDT achieves this vision through automating governance by applying blockchain, distributed ledgers and other emerging technologies.

Through the facilitation, implementation and commercialisation of emerging technologies essential to the digital economy, the AIDT is able to realise this purpose.